It is a top priority for us and we put particular emphasis on service-related issues. Regular training in Europe and Japan aimed at continuous improvement of qualifications is mandatory for all our service engineers, while an extensive dealer network in Europe is a source of qualified technicians with years of experience.


Original replacement parts and consumables are a key element of failure-free operation of laser cutters and their effectiveness. We provide our customers with continuous access to consumables and spare parts through our local dealers and the Mitsubishi central warehouse in Germany. The lead time for orders is 24-48 hours.

Mitsubishi constantly improves its products. Any innovative solutions are developed so that for a relatively small fee they can also be implemented in machines already in operation. Thanks to this high efficiency of production processes can be maintained.

We are at your disposal from the day of installation and training, and for the whole working life of the machine.

Please contact to your local authorised service centre (contact).