Mitsubishi NX-F laser processing
machines stand for:

  • high efficiency
  • excellent cut quality
  • reliability
  • low operating costs
  • simple operation
2500 W
black steel 0,5 - 19 mm
stainless steel 0,5 - 12 mm
aluminium 0,5 - 10 mm
brass, copper 0,5 - 5 mm
4000 W
black steel 0,5 - 20 mm
stainless steel 0,5 - 20 mm
aluminium 0,5 - 15 mm
brass, copper 0,5 - 8 mm

The NX-F series Mitsubishi laser processing machines,

made using the fiber optic technology, enable precise processing of thin regular and stainless steel and aluminum. Built with state-of-the-art technologies, they ensure maximum output and low operating costs.

Mitsubishi pays particular attention to work safety; therefore, it uses materials of the highest quality and strictly observes the applicable standards. The manufacturing and the final assembly take place in Japan.

Technical specification:

Design of the machine Fiber resonator, two exchangeable tables
Available resonator power 2500 W, 4000 W
Control M700 Mitsubishi, a 15’’ touch screen
Maximum working area 3050 x 1525 mm
Maximum sheet weight 930 kg
Outside dimensions 10180 x 3130 x 2260 mm
Weight of the machine 10 000 kg
Range of operation in the X/Y/Z axes 3200/1600/150 mm
Startup time 3 min
Simultaneous speed X axis, Y axis 170m/min
Maximum work speed 50m/min
Positioning accuracy 0,05/500mm (X axis, Y axis)
Positioning repeatability 0,01mm (X axis, Y axis)
Head PH-F Mitsubishi, Auto Focus, 4’’ and 8’’ lenses
NX-F Series