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Has been synonymous with global solutions in industrial automation technology and technological products present on world markets for almost 100 years. Mitsubishi Electric offers proven expertise in all areas, ranging from the development and manufacture of consumer and industrial goods to managing entire factories.

The department of laser technology at Mitsubishi Electric was established in the early Seventies, with the first laser for commercial applications sold in 1977. Since then, we have been continually improving this technology, taking out own path. Mitsubishi designs, conducts research, produces and implements each critical component of the offered laser machines in-house. The current fifth generation of lasers based on innovative resonators is an effect of our own work. They perform admirably in the smallest service companies, medium-sized enterprises and all the way to advanced production lines.

We provide solutions and support at every stage - bidding, design, supply, installation, training and maintenance. Let the fact that we have so far installed more than 12 000 laser systems all over the world be the proof of the highest quality of our lasers.

Since 2011, we have been present in Europe with our newest range of laser cutting machines and automatic loading systems. We work with distributors on an exclusive basis, ones that offer a wide range of other supply options for machines that complement laser cutters and dispose of an advanced and professional service.

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Mitubishi Electric
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What sets us apart?

Why are Mitsubishi lasers second to none in terms of cutting quality and what's behind this? Why are the costs of daily operations and maintenance lower, even a couple times lower, when compared to other solutions available on the market? What's the difference that gives Mitsubishi lasers such a significant advantage? Answers to these questions require detailed explanations, which our representatives will provide gladly.

We encourage you to see cutting samples prepared from different materials for yourselves, as the quality shown will tell you more about the underlying technology than a thousand words ever could.

The samples shown were prepared using standard production sheet steel from different countries and of various origins, while the cuts were made using Mitsubishi lasers operating at our clients' facilities.