Mitsubishi eX laser processing
machines stand for:

  • high efficiency
  • excellent cut quality
  • reliability
  • low operating costs
  • simple operation
4500 W
black steel 0,5 - 28 mm
stainless steel 0,5 - 25 mm
aluminium 0,5 - 18 mm
brass, copper 0,5 - 6 mm
6000 W
black steel 0,5 - 28 mm (32 mm)
stainless steel 0,5 - 25 mm (50 mm)
aluminium 0,5 - 18 mm (25 mm)
brass, copper 0,5 - 6 mm

The eX series Mitsubishi laser processing machines

are among the most advanced laser cutters in the world. Based on 5th generation three-axial CO2 resonators, they ensure maximum output when working with materials whose dimensions are equal to 1,500 x 3,000 mm and thickness is equal to 0.5 to 28 mm.

The Mitsubishi technology provides new possibilities in laser processing at lower operational costs.

Mitsubishi designs and makes by itself all the key components of the laser system, to include the resonator, the cutting system, and the control system. The manufacturing and the final assembly take place in Japan.

Technical specification:

Design of the machine Mobile optical system, two exchangeable tables
Resonator type Cross-Flow Mitsubishi
Available resonator power 4500 W, 6000 W
Control M700 Mitsubishi, 15’’ touch screen
Maximum working area 3100 x 1565 mm
Maximum sheet weight 930 kg
Outside dimensions 10180 x 3130 x 2260 mm
Weight of the machine 10000 kg
Range of operation in the X/Y/Z axes 3100/1565/150 mm
Startup time 3 min
Simultaneous speed X axis, Y axis 140m/min
Maximum work speed 50m/min
Positioning accuracy 0,05/500mm (X axis, Y axis)
Positioning repeatability 0,01mm (X axis, Y axis)
Head PH-XS Mitsubishi, Auto Focus, 5”, 7.5’’, and 10’’ lenses
eX Series